Feb 11, 2007


近日无意在电脑中发现一篇旧作,一篇英文访问稿。话说去年毕业后,得知网络媒体当今大马举办短期记者训练工作坊(翻译得不好,其实是叫作「Journalism Training Programme」),觉得相当不错,便参加了。



Oh,no! we forgot to take Zunar's picture!"




I sketch with heart, draw with mind”, said Zunar, a political cartoonist who put the responsibility to educate Malaysians for the nation’s reformation purpose on his shoulders.

He had made himself clear that he is against the ruling party’s oppression and he plays his role in social reformation through his pieces of artwork.

The 43-year-old who was once a science stream student, started to sparkle in the world of political cartoon two decades ago.

“Illustrator is one that draws what he is asked to. But I am a cartoonist. I draw only my ideas and thoughts”, added Zunar, who quitted from Berita Harian in 1994 because of its restricted freedom of expression.

Zunar always wants his readers to share his feelings and opinions. According to him, a good piece of political cartoon should make people to think, instead of merely laugh.

The optimistic cartioonist is of the opinion that cartoons own its strengths in today’s world with overloaded information-it can conveny quick messages and most importantly, everyone likes jokes.

Being an enthusiatic cartoonist, Zunar actually involved himself in the movement of reformation and be part of the struggle in order to really understand and feel it.

He commented that most of the Malaysia’s political cartoonists today, especially the young generations, do not have a political mind. They just draw to fill the columns, without having their own stands and messages.

Some says an artist should not take side. Zunar thinks the opposite. “You can’t simply watch and allow wrong things to happen. Otherwise you are part of it”. This explains why he chose to be the minority by taking side.

Though being awarded the Consumer Award of Cartoonist of The Year, it is meaningless to Zunar, as recognition and respect from the readers are all what he wants.

After publishing two collections of his work few years ago, Zunar is now planning to compile his cartoons on Tun Dr. Mahathir, his favourite character, under the name of “Det’s My Cartoons”.

Explaning on his approach which is always viewed as rather aggresive, Zunar simply answered “if you can punch, why pinch”.



周小芳 said...

u remind me of the 3 weeks we were in malaysiakini. i miss that time and i miss padma. where ever we are, we still in the movement, right?

ShiQing said...

Yaya...we all had a great time. It would remain as a sweet memory for all of us forever.
Maybe we should organize a gathering back to visit Padma someday..

周小芳 said...

我去年实习完毕后曾经探访过她一次,还不小心翻倒椅子,bang 一声,怕死别人不知道我来。